Real Estate Goals for 2016

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Yet another year has come to an end.  We hope 2015 was a good and memorable year for you.  As we enter 2016, we wish you the full optimism, energy, and momentum that comes with the arrival of a brand new year.  We want to encourage you to create a New Year’s Resolution in writing.  It’s been proven that when goals are written down, you have a much higher chance of achieving them.   We hope you will achieve all your goals and realize all your dreams in 2016!

Here are some suggestions for consideration in your real-estate related resolutions:

  • Upsizing: Current home getting too tight? Have a growing family? Average move-uppers purchase a home 1.5 times larger than their current home.  For example:  They move  from a 2,000 to a 3,000 Sq Ft home.
  • Downsizing: Have rooms or a pool that are never used?  Maintenance of a large home getting tiresome? Most downsize to simplify or lower the cost of living.  But many also downsize to increase quality of life.  They purchase smaller homes in more desirable areas or into a more upgraded home.
  • Home Ownership: It is still possible to purchase a home with a monthly payment lower than the cost to rent it.  Home ownership is still the quintessential American dream.  Are you ready to become a homeowner in 2016?
  • Selling: Changing priorities and plans have you thinking about selling your home?  Is it time to re-evaluate your investment properties?  It’s important to have a professional consultation in this changing market.
  • Real Estate Investing: It has been said that majority of the wealth in the United States has been made in real estate.  There are so many facets to real estate investing.  We are happy to share with you what we know.
  • Bonus: College Savings Plan: Is there a new born or a young child in your own or extended  family?  Consider buying a rental home for the child.  Let’s say you can do it with 25% down and a 15 year mortgage.  When the child is 15 years old, the property will be paid off.  It can be sold for college tuition or any other financial need.  Or, the future monthly rental income can help cover the child’s expenses.

These are just some ideas for real estate goals we’ve shared in the past.  We have more!  Happy New Year!

As always, if you have any real estate related questions, give us a call! We are your neighbors and happy to discuss real estate even when it’s not business.

Also, we love referrals!

Until next month, take care!

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