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It’s the last month of 2014!  Another year is coming to an end.  We hope it’s been a good year for you, be it financial, professional, familial, personal, or simply individual & spiritual growth.   It’s been another record year for us in real estate.  Many of our clients this year have upsized, downsized, bought a first home, relocated, bought an investment property, or sold an investment property.  Whatever the purpose and reason, we are honored to have been a part of the journey.  Each and every journey we took with clients was special and memorable in some way.  Real estate is likely the largest financial endeavor in our lives.  We are grateful to have been entrusted to be the guides in this process.

The Orlando housing market has finally reached the realm of stability in 2014.  The roller coaster years are behind us now.  The prices have been consistent.  The interest rate remained stable within a range of about 4-4.5% in 2014.  Individuals’ circumstances are the main determinants of timing in this market.  That means there aren’t a lot of external factors that significantly sways things one way or another, so people tend to make the move when they are ready without waiting for a particular event.

We will continue to report market conditions to you as we enter the coming new year.  At this point, 2015 is projected to be another stable year in Orlando real estate.  As we monitor global and national economic movements that will affect us, we will be your eyes and ears in the local real estate market.   In a stable market without large swings, attention to minute details will make a difference in your real estate endeavors.

 We sincerely wish you a truly wondrous holiday season.  May you enjoy the fruits of your labor and the warmth of loved ones.

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