In Praise of Homeownership

Happy October!  After another long, hot, and humid summer, we are finally in the season of fall.  We hope with the change of season, you are refreshed, renewed, and prepared to finish this year strong.

Continuing the trend from 2020, the housing market in 2021 to date was red hot again. We’ve seen prices of many consumer products go up due to short supply.  The housing market is no different.  Low inventory and high demand resulted in price escalation, most significantly in entry-level homes, which cannot keep up with the growing population and the high rate of household formation.  It has become increasingly difficult for our younger generation to buy a home.  Some cities are experimenting with zoning changes to allow higher housing density, and other creative ways of reducing cost of homes. I hope together we can work towards making this American dream accessible to all that desire it.

Why is homeownership so desirable?  We usually focus on the myriad of financial advantages, while there are also more personal perspectives.  For some, homeownership is a milestone, an accomplishment in life.  For others, it’s about security and having a sanctuary.  This post below captures that sense of security and belonging in a simple yet profound way.

For some, it is an investment of not just money, but also the loving attention paid to creating a place of their own, with people they love.

 “Years from now, when we fix up our own home together, I’ll recall the night we wandered through Home Depot and spent 20 minutes in the doorbell section listening carefully to each one.”

Of course, homeownership is not for everyone.  Some may prefer the flexibility and freedom to move at will and not be tied down to a single home, neighborhood, or even a city or state.  Some also prefer not to take on the responsibility of owning and maintaining a home.

If you do want to be a homeowner, make sure you are fully informed and prepared before embarking on this major undertaking. We are seasoned real estate professionals who have partnered with many homebuyers to help them achieve their dream of homeownership.  We can do the same for you!

Until next month, take care!


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