Mr. Yao was referred to me by another highly satisfied client. Come to find out, in my research into his past real estate sales performance,I could not find a single previous client who did NOT speak of him without using superlatives i.e. ‘the best’, ‘really did a great job’, ‘I’d use this guy again in a heartbeat’. Well what they all said turned out to be all true. Yiensold my townhouse at a great price during a time when the market was falling like a rock. Not only did he counsel me that I should market my property asap because he knew that prices were going down. But he ‘stopped the bleeding’ in my case by scoring a more than great price in the worst of times. He did it in short order too. I’m pretty sure It had to do with three things. One, his sales experience in general, two, his ability to bring buyers and sellers together in a friendly, engaging and respectful manner and three, a just plain commanding knowledge of real estate. Later I found out he actually teaches real estate classes. In short, if you want the most competent, knowledgeable, responsive,respectful, easy to work with real estate agent, Mr YAO is your man. And I am not kidding

— David Terwelp

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