Yien Yao was recommended to me in 2010 just before I moved away from my home in Florida. The market was suffering greatly so there was no way I could sell my house, but I knew that would ultimately be my goal. Yien kept in touch with me for SIX YEARS. We would exchange personal emails once or twice a year and he would send me quarterly updates on the Orlando real-estate market.I had my house rented and the lease was scheduled to end on May 31, 2016, so Yien and I scheduled to meet at the home on June 1st. Based on his recommendations, I spent the next few days fixing up the house. After Alysastaged the home and photographed it, they listed the house on June 6 and Yein Negotiated a FULL PRICE offer within 24 hours of the listing going public. On Top of that, Yien and his team (Alyssa and Kimberly) walked me through the entire closing process, assisted me with finding people to fix up the few minor repairs that were needed after the inspection, and helped me CLOSE a week sooner than I was expecting. Yien, Alyssa, and Kimberly were SO attentive to my needs. I felt like I had family members helping me sell my home. I am sincerely grateful to the entire team, but in particular to Yien for having patience with me and treating me like a long-distance relative for six years, despite having never met me in person and having zero assurance I would ever sell through his agency. Every realtor should aspire to this level of commitment and service.

— Sergio & Lya Dubois

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