I had begun my search to buy a home 2 years ago. Due to personal and financial hurdles my search was delayed from time to time, but Yien andAlysa were very patient and worked with me throughout the whole process. Theycontinued to keep me informed of the changing market conditions and stood by my side when I began my search again. After viewing several homes I was finally able to find the perfect house for me and my family. The house truly exceeded my expectations and I know that there would have been no way I would have been able to purchase this house without the help of Yien and Alysa. When I hired them as my Realtors, I hired a professional team with thorough knowledge of the market. Due to their several years of experience in the industry, they developed the set of skills needed to enable me to purchase such a great house in this competitive market. They used their knowledge of the market, their professional business relationships and their negotiation skills to help me be the homeowner of the house of my dreams! I know I would not have been able to purchase this house without them and I would highly recommend them to anyone in the market to buy or sell their home.

— Mary Ann Karkenny

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