We selected the YaoTeam to help us with both buying and selling. After 15 years in the same home,it was time for a larger house due to our growing family. Alysa spent countless hours with us to help narrow down the location that would fit us best, and to help us identify what we truly want in a home. We were extremely picky buyers,given that we did not have any urgency to move (no need to relocate for work or schools or anything like that). We simply had a desire to move and wanted to wait for the “perfect house”. She was very patient with us in that regard. And, such a pleasure to work with! Alysa is definitely one of the sweetest people we know – always with a smile on her face, but down to earth and understanding. When it came time to make an offer, the Yao Team did an amazing job. Given the state of the market, we knew that when we found the right home, we would have to act fast and expect competition. Sure enough.There were four other offers on the house that we wanted. In the end, the seller chose us – and they told us that it was because of the impeccable offer. Eventhe seller’s agent commented that our offer was “beautifully done”.We are now very happy in our new home. Of course, this is only half the story.As soon as we were under contract to buy our new house, our focus shifted to selling. We had already talked with Yien about price ranges, strategy for selling (such as staging, repairs, etc.), so we were off to a good start. But,when it was time, he stepped in and really took the lead. Because The Yao Teamwas working with us on both the purchase of our new home and selling our old home, we were able to perfectly coordinate timing. Yien gave us solid advice on when to do what to protect ourselves but achieve maximum benefit. We listed our house and immediately had solid offers come in. Yien’s knowledge and experience in selling properties was very apparent as he thoroughly reviewed all offers and brought up all the pros and cons of each one. We encountered very unexpected circumstances when the buyer’s financing was denied ONE day beforeclosing! (Who could have imagined this!) But, Yien was so supportive and optimistic through the whole process. We immediately re-listed the house and had multiple offers come in again. It would take a short book to write all of the crazy and out-of-the-ordinary things we encountered throughout the process of selling, but the entire Yao Team met every challenge head on and with confidence. Yien is a power house in real estate and gave us so much good solid advice along the way – we really cannot imagine someone better. In the end, we were very happy with our sale price and the process went smoothly.

— Steve & Rica Hall

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